I'm Crystal Hardin. Wife. Mother. Recovering Attorney. Photographer. Episcopalian. Postulant. Future Priest (if it ever gets that far). Etc.

I grew up in small town Alabama. As an unchurched child, I felt God deeply and sought God hungrily. As a teenager, I took my seeking heart and questioning ways to my local Baptist church. Needless to say, that didn't stick.  

After many years of going it alone, I found myself sitting in an Episcopal church as a law student and became a member of St. George's Episcopal Church, Arlington, Virginia, a few years later. There I found an encouraging, challenging, and affirming tradition and a community of people who bring out the best in me and love me even at my worst. 

My call to the priesthood came as a surprise (shock!), and I am still trying to find my footing. (It's probably a losing battle. I'm fairly sure this boat was meant to rock.) I currently attend seminary at Virginia Theological.

Writing helps me process. So, that's what I'll do here - process. I have a lot of questions and basically no answers. I'm okay with that. Welcome.